Q: Do you make VEGAN cakes?

A: YES!! I love it when everyone gets to eat cake so I do my best to accommodate for those who have chosen a vegan lifestyle. 

Q: Do you make gluten and dairy free cakes?


A: I can make your cakes with ingredients that do not contain dairy or gluten, however my kitchen is not sterile from these allergens and they are frequently used in the same equipment, so I cannot guarantee they will be completely gluten or dairy free. 

Q: Do you make nut free cakes?

A: Not for any allergies due to how incredibly high risk nuts are. I can, however, omit nuts from a recipe if you do not like them, but again there may be traces due to the use of nuts in other recipes in the same kitchen.

Q: Do you do deliveries?

A: I am willing to deliver without a fee anywhere <10 mins from Leopold, any further will incur a fee for my time and petrol. I do not deliver to Melbourne but I am willing to meet you somewhere between for a fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

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